The Team behind Lincoln Square's own Fork Restaurant

aim to cut it with our new steakhouse, Knife!


With over 10 years of awesome support from the Lincoln Square community at Fork Restaurant, owners David & Paula Byers are  now turning our passion to Knife, an intimate interpretation of the modern steakhouse at 4343 N. Lincoln Avenue, opening in early October.

Chef Tim's menu will express his well-honed farm-to-table philosophy that will feature dry-aged beef as its culinary centerpiece.

Our Bar Program, brought to you by General Manager + Mixologist Anthony Munger, is an inventive craft cocktail menu with several sources of inspiration. From origins to presentation, Anthony's farm-to-glass philosophy creates a synergy that complements the dinner menu that creates a sublime experience.


Thank you so much to all of our devoted guests who've been waiting for an approachable steakhouse that reflects our community- a sense of sophistication without pretentiousness. We look forward to serving you & creating more unforgettable memories together!


The Knife Steakhouse Team