Interior Designs Major Elements

To have beautiful and successful interior design, you should know its 7 elements that must be carefully considered as you plan one. Here are the explanations behind every element: 

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The foundation of every room is spacious. Space refers to the floor space that’s two-dimensional together with the room’s three-dimensional volume. There are ceilings, floors, and walls as your borders, and you should consider not only space’s width or length but also its height. Designers classify them as positive and negative space. A positive space takes place one it has décor or furniture items. Anything else is known as negative space. You should balance both types of spaces for your area to look neither empty nor crowded.  


Lines have 3 major types—dynamic, vertical, and horizontal. Horizontal lines can be seen in structural beams, shelves, or tabletops. Vertical lines could be in doorways or pillars. You can have dynamic lines from cantilevered ceilings or arches. Also, lines could be suggested by the utilized raw materials in buildings such as sleek lines of steel beams or lines from stones.  


Your interior lighting could make or break your room since how you experience space will depend on the lighting. Also, this element helps to highlight others. Without lighting, other things won’t be seen.  


This element has two types: visual texture or physical texture. Physical texture includes tactility, which means that you will get a feel of a particular object as soon as you touch, whether it is hard, soft, warm, cold, or rough. Meanwhile, the visual texture is the surface’s texture illusion. 


This element is a repetitive design, which consists of textures, forms, and lines. For homes, patterns are utilized in their walls, ceilings, floors, rugs, upholstery fabric, drapes, bed linen, and furniture. 


Colors can help set the mood, which can either tone it down or liven it up. Colors make the room’s ambiance. Moreover, color is the element that can unite and weave all other room elements and highlight specific form, line, or pattern. Colors can help determine how your interior design would look like after creating one, hence, it is very important.  

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